Sewer Line Descaling

Sewer lines are subject to corrosion that water lines are not. Sewer line inspections are a commonly overlooked item on any homeowner’s maintenance checklist. Over time, sewer lines tend to become compromised for a variety of reasons. Additionally, many household cleaners can accelerate corrosion. When corrosion (tuburculation) occurs, sewer lines stop functioning efficiently, to a point that it can cause severe damage to your property because they will cause a leak. Acting quickly will help potentially minimize severe sewer line damage and will save you money in the long run.

Within 25-30 years after installation, a quarter of your sewer line’s passage space is likely occupied by hardened grease and interior corrosion. When this happens, you have a lower flow rate leading to clogged drains. At this point, contractors will take several steps to find the cause of your sewer blockage. Once they’re finished with inspections, they’ll give you options to resolve the problem. In most cases, plumbers will use special descaling equipment to remove the internal corrosion from your pipe and flush it out.

Bradley Plumbing’s team of professionals possess the right training, experience, and equipment to help you find corrosion within your sewer lines and rid the pipes of the buildup. As soon as we arrive, we will start determining exactly what the problem is and what your solutions are. We clean up our mess when we are done. We are sewer line professionals.

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